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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hanging Out

Tomorrow i think mau out lorh .
but i don't know whre i was going , 
hmm ikut jew lorh besties aku mau p mna .
so anybody yg mau ikut .
folow lah skaly meyh .
jgan ckap sya x ajak pulaa keyh P:
kalu kuar rmai2 lgiy besh ,
wait 4 me,pira fazira ,alip and Zriee .
 hehe ,
i will wake up in early morning .
the time must not be wasted .
hehe ayat SKEMA .

that Starbuck i mishh U .
but tomorow my money program is to low .
hehe , anyboby suport me .
or my Sugardady .

~The EnD~

Suka Like Tau !

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